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Tiwa Lending Services is a non-profit entity whose mission is to provide innovative products, education, and development services to improve the social and economic growth of Pueblo of Isleta and other Native Americans residing in the surrounding communities. 

TLS operates under the governance of a 5-member Board of Directors made up of Isleta tribal members and business professionals. TLS currently operates remotely.

What does TLS do?

In 2008, the Isleta Tribal Council re implemented the Home Loan Program to make low interest rate loans to tribal members for the construction, renovation or purchase of a home on Isleta tribal lands. TLS took over the Isleta Home Loan Program effective March 2012. This will not affect current loans under the Program nor applicants of the Program. One of TLS’s goals is to seek additional funding from federal, state governments and private foundations and organizations for its lending and financial services activities.

Financial and Homeownership Education

Tiwa Lending Services provides Financial and Homeownership Education. We have classes built for your specific needs such as: Group Education, Money Management, and Credit Counseling. We also provide training on a one-on-one basis.

Home Mortgage Loans

Tiwa Lending Services provides below-market rates to middle and high-income Native families to build, purchase, or renovate a home.

Down Payment Assistance

Tiwa Lending Services provides closing costs and down payment assistance for eligible borrowers who are seeking a loan from private banks, such as the Section 184 Loan.

Micro Business Loans

Tiwa Lending Services provides small business loans to tribal members who desire to start a business or expand a business.

Consumer Loans

Tiwa Lending Services provides loans to eligible borrowers. The purpose of these loans is to create a good credit history for tribal members.